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real name

Sarah Gordon


None specified.


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personal bio

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favourite tv show

I do not watch much TV.

notable events in 2017

My parents are both still at home, and healthy considering that they are 88 and 90. We had a party for my mothers 90th birthday and their anniversary. (And yes, I know there should be an apostrophe, but I cannot put it in or it does not save.)

I also finally managed to complete an in-game Pokedex when I did it in Pokemon Sun. Now I am working on Ultra Moon, and my son has Ultra Sun.

favorite quote

Nobody ever made a difference by being just like everybody else.

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Ghost sdoj • 27 Dec 2017 @ 17:01 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Ghost sdoj • 27 Dec 2017 @ 17:04 GMT

It appears that my most recent picture available was the one I used last year. This one was from a few years ago. My hair is now longer and usually braided, the bookshelf has even more books on it, the couch has been moved, and the muumuu is lost in a box in the basement somewhere.

simsample • 27 Dec 2017 @ 18:33 GMT

Hi Sarah! Nice to see you.

Karen Lorraine • 27 Dec 2017 @ 19:01 GMT

Hello there, Sarah

Sterling_Archer • 27 Dec 2017 @ 22:23 GMT

Hey there Sarah

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