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Charmful (MTS profile)


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Sims occupy my mind 23 out of 24 hours in the day, even in my dreams. I like to be creative, I like to laugh, and I can string any real life instance back to a sims 2 reference. My specialty is giving links.

favourite tv show

Arrested Development, Game of Thrones, Avatar the Last Airbender, Stranger Things, etc

notable events in 2017

My sister had a babby which means I am an aunt and she can no longer play sims since she has to take care of a real person

Went on a honeymoon in Hawaii

My decade-old ts2 hood nearly died but was saved by my wizard husband

Wrote a tutorial about poseboxes that will hopefully help other storytellers

Went to a Kentucky Derby themed Halloween party as seen in my picture

Started a sequel to my last sims story

Oh and I made my first CC art for upload this year

favorite quote

“Nevertheless, she persisted” – A political turtle

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Comments (9)

Charmful • 21 Dec 2017 @ 00:56 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Sterling_Archer • 21 Dec 2017 @ 05:55 GMT

Hey Charmful. Thanks, I’ve only been wearing them for a week now, I’m still getting used to wearing them

simsample • 21 Dec 2017 @ 22:09 GMT

Hi Rachel!

Karen Lorraine • 22 Dec 2017 @ 09:53 GMT

Hello there, Rachel, lovely to meet you! I’ll see if I can find a new photo but I really haven’t changed that much

Johnny_Bravo • 22 Dec 2017 @ 16:51 GMT

Hellö! I’m not entirely sure waht you mean with 2 faces. I’ve uploaded 2 pics but only see one :p

Johnny_Bravo • 22 Dec 2017 @ 18:43 GMT

Ahh yes I see it now lol. I only saw my first sumbitted picture

Karen Lorraine • 22 Dec 2017 @ 19:37 GMT

Oh yes I still have the purple stripe in my hair, it’s my trademark

Bigsimsfan12 • 24 Dec 2017 @ 21:14 GMT

Hi Rachel! I have a Staffy (well mostly, he’s 1/4th lab apparently), he’s a ball of energy!

justJones • 27 Dec 2017 @ 19:49 GMT

I take care of 3 real people, 4 if you count my husband, and I still sim You’re sister just isn’t a REAL simmer, lol. Just kidding. Congrats on aunthood!

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