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Russia, Moscow, Zelenograd

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A walking sanctuary of all kinds of fantastic beasts =) Anyone can enter, only the bravest will stay!

favourite tv show

The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Rick and Morty

notable events in 2016

Became an active member of MTS community, greatly developed my creating skills. Met an awesome friend ) Finally got that JLaw haircut!

favorite quote

“My philosophy is that worrying makes you suffer twice” (C) Newt Scamander

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Comments (8)

SummerGlau • 30 Dec 2016 @ 00:15 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Karen Lorraine • 30 Dec 2016 @ 00:29 GMT

Hello pretty lady Your sims are awesome!

vivibella • 30 Dec 2016 @ 00:41 GMT

Hey cutie

King_Deadly • 30 Dec 2016 @ 02:29 GMT

Hi Summer!

Charmful • 30 Dec 2016 @ 21:32 GMT

Hello and happy new year!

simsample • 1 Jan 2017 @ 21:28 GMT

Hi SummerGlau!

SummerGlau • 9 Jan 2017 @ 12:43 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Delphy • 9 Jan 2017 @ 13:22 GMT

Hey Summer! Thanks very much for the kind words I’m glad I could make your chlidhood fun, let’s hope that MTS can keep doing that for many years to come.

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