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Nunya Bizz


Not to grow up.


None specified.


At my building

personal bio

I love Jesus, and I like playing the sims. And food, I like food a lot.

favourite tv show

None specified.

notable events in 2016

Graduated HS, traveled a lot, started college, aced first semester

favorite quote

None specified.

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Comments (4)

Karen Lorraine • 19 Dec 2016 @ 16:56 GMT

Hey Nunya, I love my hair colour too, thank you

King_Deadly • 19 Dec 2016 @ 18:15 GMT

Hey Nunya Thank you!, and congratulations to you too! whats your major?

AmandieLove • 24 Dec 2016 @ 21:19 GMT

@King_Deadly Computer science. I will have to either take on a minor or two or dual major, though. I took in 27 credits through AP and dual enrollment classes, and without extra classes at my college, I would be stuck on part time status. Which means I would lose scholarship eligibility, and may end up being unable to afford to finish college because of that. Basically, I’d be punished for overachieving. And I won’t go down like that without a fight! ]

AmandieLove • 24 Dec 2016 @ 21:20 GMT

Oh, and by the way, my name’s Amanda. I put Nunya Bizz as a sarcastic thing because I didn’t want to put my real name and other personal info, LOL!

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