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Just a person who is keen on astronomy, physics and chemistry.
I also adore painting and art.

favourite tv show

The Martian, Apollo 13, James Bond series, Avatar, The Hunger Games, ...

notable events in 2015

20th March: I have seen the solar eclipse!
28th September: I have seen the super blood moon! (lunar eclipse)

favorite quote

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. – Neil Armstrong

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Comments (47)

simsample • 16 Oct 2015 @ 23:41 GMT

Hello mate!

Jawusa • 17 Oct 2015 @ 07:10 GMT

Hi simsample!

Gaffney • 20 Oct 2015 @ 12:13 GMT

Hey Jawusa

Charmful • 20 Oct 2015 @ 16:48 GMT

Hello Jawusa!

Jawusa • 20 Oct 2015 @ 19:58 GMT

Hello Gaffney, hello Charmful!

tcbandie10 • 29 Jan 2016 @ 23:27 GMT

Well hi Jawusa!

tcbandie10 • 31 Jan 2016 @ 13:54 GMT

Thanks! Believe it or not though, this actually isn’t my dog We stayed at a cabin for a few days and he would visit us every night and morning to “check in” he was the cabin owner’s dog. I probably should use my own dog pictures lol

tcbandie10 • 2 Feb 2016 @ 16:24 GMT

I actually have three Darla, Cooper an Isabella. A jack russell, mutt, and yellow lab.

Jawusa • 21 Feb 2016 @ 21:27 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Bigsimsfan12 • 21 Feb 2016 @ 23:22 GMT

Hey Katelyna, I’m good! how are you?

Menaceman44 • 21 Feb 2016 @ 23:28 GMT

Well hello there, under the hat! I’m very well thanks for asking. How about yourself?

Charmful • 22 Feb 2016 @ 00:15 GMT

Happy new year K!

XxCTxX • 22 Feb 2016 @ 10:10 GMT

Hey Jawusa! I’m good and you?

XxCTxX • 22 Feb 2016 @ 11:17 GMT

It’s going slow due to me being at work most days! But hopefully it will be good.

Kankritty • 22 Feb 2016 @ 16:36 GMT

Hello! I’m great, and you?

King_Deadly • 24 Feb 2016 @ 02:37 GMT

Hey! Im doing great! How about you?

Deontai • 24 Feb 2016 @ 04:44 GMT

Howdy hi Katelyna! I’m doing fantastically thank you. How are you?

IAmDeath • 24 Feb 2016 @ 14:27 GMT

Hiya. I’m doing well. How are you?

MeltingMagnetz • 24 Feb 2016 @ 19:49 GMT

I am feeling like million simoleons ♥, You?? ♥♥

darkwytche2006 • 24 Feb 2016 @ 22:03 GMT

Hey gorgeous

Pretty good thanks and yourself?

Ghost sdoj • 25 Feb 2016 @ 00:10 GMT

HI! I’m doing pretty well. How about you?

Kestin • 25 Feb 2016 @ 01:13 GMT

Hey there. Kinda bored, TS2 won’t launch Working on solutions. You?

Simmiller • 25 Feb 2016 @ 18:06 GMT

Hi Jawusa! Things are slow, Sim-wise, right now. We’re moving next week and it’s been crazy busy. Hope all is well with you!

Kestin • 26 Feb 2016 @ 04:03 GMT

Aye, I’m on Win 7 as the only account. It just randomly stopped working last summer—I have a thread about it somewhere. Kinda hoping all it needs is a vacation, so I’m gonna redownload and see if it works now Maybe clear some stuff off my computer.

Hellfrozeover • 28 Feb 2016 @ 13:37 GMT

Thank you ! Prerry good right now actually. Back to CC creating and loving it. How’re you?

Kestin • 29 Feb 2016 @ 04:29 GMT

Well, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled about fifty times by now, but I’ll look into that. Can’t give up on my favorite method of living a fantasy life, now can I? Thanks for the link, I hope it helps

no.[666]bicycle • 29 Feb 2016 @ 10:12 GMT

I am Great, and yourself darlink?

no.[666]bicycle • 1 Mar 2016 @ 07:02 GMT

Thanks! was going for a “Hitler loves cocks” motif. LOL

no.[666]bicycle • 1 Mar 2016 @ 07:03 GMT

Followed your tumblr BTW

no.[666]bicycle • 1 Mar 2016 @ 07:18 GMT

I don’t have many of those.

Kestin • 1 Mar 2016 @ 22:01 GMT

No good. I’ve probably tried everything anyone can suggest, other than restoring my computer to factory settings, which I’m not against doing, I just have to find a really spacious flash drive first. The saga of me trying all sorts of things begins here: http://classic.modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=4895949#post4895949

Charmful • 2 Mar 2016 @ 15:37 GMT

Thanks! It was done for my sister’s wedding

Kestin • 3 Mar 2016 @ 02:39 GMT

Nope, that didn’t work At least it was a new suggestion though, I’m always up for giving myself false hope (no, I’m not being sarcastic, I actually do appreciate any moment in which I can think “this might work” . I use Windows 7, and nothing’s changed since the last time the game worked for me (July?), so it seems completely illogical to me that there even is a problem…but I guess I don’t know the first thing about computers, so maybe they don’t run on logic.

I guess I’ll just try to get my hands on an older computer…

Kestin • 3 Mar 2016 @ 21:44 GMT

I don’t even think I knew how to update my drivers at the time (as I only just found out how yesterday)...don’t think anything else got updated either, given my zealous prevention of Windows updates ever since the time my computer auto-rebooted in the middle of a GW2 dungeon run. XD

Kestin • 5 Mar 2016 @ 00:38 GMT

I installed a couple of programs in the time between playing and being unable to play (I think I mentioned them in that thread), but I disabled those, then later uninstalled them, and any damage that they did to the game should have been gone when I uninstalled and reinstalled.

The message is “The application has crashed. The application will now terminate.” If you want a screenshot, I took one just in case.

Kestin • 5 Mar 2016 @ 20:08 GMT

Hmm, that didn’t work, but it gave me the idea to try deleting the entire “EA Games” folder and letting it regenerate everything. I doubt that will work either but it’s always fun to try new things.

I’m not sure how this is related or if it’s any help, but back when I used to play the game, the opening cinematic would always play, and ever since it stopped working, it’s never played.

Kestin • 5 Mar 2016 @ 20:13 GMT

...aaand deleting everything still didn’t do it.

Kestin • 6 Mar 2016 @ 03:47 GMT

CCleaner was one of the programs I installed in the interim, and I was told that it might have been what messed up my game…but I can try it again to remove extraneous registry files before reinstalling, if I can figure out how to do it properly. I’ll also delete the stuff in “Program Files x86” so it can regenerate that as well, unless that’s a Very Bad Idea (I’ll wait to be told one way or the other).

I worry that, against all logic, “repairing” the game in Origin somehow destroyed it forever. After all, that’s one of the only things I did that could have even affected the game after last playing it, and “once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”—Sherlock Holmes

Kestin • 6 Mar 2016 @ 21:58 GMT

That’s what I did—I had to go to sleep before I could see if it worked, so I’ll let you know. I expect it won’t; I hope it will.

Kestin • 7 Mar 2016 @ 00:50 GMT

Sadly no There’s probably not much left for me to try. Reformatting, maybe, but like I said, I gotta back my stuff up before I even think about that.

I have a much older computer in my possession that used to run the game pretty well, and while that one might not last much longer, I’ll see if I can use it to get my fix and maybe do some content creation (though it’s too late for me to make up for missing the monthly stickers…maybe someday in the future, hopefully?). It might still work there…

Kestin • 8 Mar 2016 @ 02:15 GMT

I’ve been opening it from a shortcut in my Start menu, because I hate full-screen mode and can change the shortcut to make it open in windowed mode. I think the shortcut leads directly to the file path you just mentioned. (I could try the opposite, opening it from Origin, but I think I’ll have the same luck.)

Kestin • 8 Mar 2016 @ 20:32 GMT

Well, I tried opening it from Origin yesterday, and it didn’t exactly /crash/, but it stayed on the same screen for literally over an hour until I closed it via task manager. I’m going to maybe try it again and then go out on some errands so I don’t get impatient, and then come back and see if it really just needed time or if that was just “crashing without the error message”...I mean, it’s probably the latter but what else is there to do…

no.[666]bicycle • 9 Mar 2016 @ 22:31 GMT

http://tastelykeporplepeeple.tumblr.com/ my sims tumblr

Kestin • 10 Mar 2016 @ 00:24 GMT

It’s not black, it just stays on Overwaxing Banisters…I’ll try leaving it open while I sleep tonight, and then if four or so hours doesn’t do the trick, I’ll assume it’s just another way of crashing.

Mitch44 • 12 Mar 2016 @ 22:29 GMT

Hi, how r u?

GnatGoSplat • 23 Mar 2016 @ 14:50 GMT

Hi Katelyna, I’m hanging in there, how are you?

Jawusa • 1 Jul 2016 @ 13:23 GMT

Okay this is the last time me mentioning about the final exams but last week, I’ve got the results and I really managed to pass the final exams! Yay! I graduated with “B”...
I didn’t expect that. Especially not because I had written such a lousy essay with so many spelling and grammar issues… I cried after leaving that examination room. I had a D there… Well…
But Maths saved me. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe this but I had an A in the math FINAL exam. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Haha! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lol!

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