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Charmful (MTS profile)


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Popularity and Grilled Cheese



personal bio

Often spout Sims 2 referenences in real-life paralells. Friends, family, and co-workers have learned to deal with it.

favourite tv show

Arrested Developemnt, House of Cards, Legend of Korra, Doctor Who, etc, etc.

notable events in 2014

Proposed to my fiance – so got engaged.
Bought a house with said fiance
Got a promotion and raise
Both of my entires for the Sims 2 Calendar Contest were winners!
Uploaded my first creation to MTS2!

favorite quote

“Forget about pushing the envalope, instead create it!” – stolen from ex-boyfriend.

profile viewed

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Comments (3)

Charmful • 24 Feb 2015 @ 20:35 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

KarenLorraine • 7 Mar 2015 @ 15:24 GMT

Hello, great to see you

KarenLorraine • 20 Apr 2015 @ 21:46 GMT

You’re welcome for the help, Charmful

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