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Still attempting to work that out...


None specified.


Blighty... as per usual

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None specified.

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Doctor Who

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Became a licensed Zumba Instructor… and led a few classes of my own!

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Comments (3)

RevengeKitty • 2 Feb 2015 @ 14:45 GMT

Hai there, I suppose we’re neighbors since my name is next to yours!
I also like Doctor Who
Nice to meet you!

Gaffney • 7 Feb 2015 @ 21:44 GMT

Hiya selly

Simonut • 26 Apr 2015 @ 02:33 GMT

I love your yearbook I also love dancing as well classic modern dance. But my real love is music I am a violinist. When I have the time I teach young kids and adults.

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