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Johnny_Bravo (MTS profile)


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real name

Martin Havrilla


None specified.



personal bio

17 yrs. loves gaming, sleeping and girls. Visit me Tumb1r pl0x :p

favourite tv show

TBBT, HIMYM, Scrubs, anything which makes me feel manly on Discovery Channel or DMAX

notable events in 2013

None specified.

favorite quote

“That would stink if I were you”

profile viewed

290 times

Comments (8)

Gaffney • 1 Dec 2013 @ 23:10 GMT

Hey there JB

Johnny_Bravo • 12 Dec 2013 @ 15:38 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

Johnny_Bravo • 12 Dec 2013 @ 15:38 GMT

Well hi there Gaffney xD

Johnny_Bravo • 12 Dec 2013 @ 15:54 GMT

Well appearently the “notabale events in 2013” decided the be fucking with me so I’ll post them here instead.

-50th upload, sweet!
-Applied for a job as furniture salesman (Fingers crossed!!)
-Got the number of the girl I’ve had my eye on for a long time (Let’s call her my crush)
-Sweet damn, I can see better!

heaven • 12 Dec 2013 @ 16:27 GMT

Haha, yes, you may have California. A trade sounds perfectly acceptable!

As for the notable events…the code doesn’t like apostrophes. So, you have to speak in gentlemanly and proper English with no conjunctions. It took me about 4 tries to figure out when I did mine.

SeeMyu • 12 Dec 2013 @ 20:49 GMT

Sounds like a plan! lol

jace777 • 20 Dec 2013 @ 00:41 GMT

nice to meet a fellow simmer

squaretable • 23 Dec 2013 @ 22:23 GMT

I have a feeling I’ve bumped into you somewhere in the forums before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…
Hai anyway! Classic bio!

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