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Charmful (MTS profile)


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Grilled Cheese or Popularity


Kansas/Missouri Border

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Midwestern Sims enthusiast. It all started when my parents got Sims 1 for my little sister – we played that a lot. Then she got Sims 2 for good grades in 2003 and then a five year on again off again sims battle-stealing-disk war erupted until she went to college and got too busy to care. I won the war. And bought all the expansion packs along the way.

favourite tv show

Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, Adventure Time, Doctor Who

notable events in 2013

  • Moved Sims gaming platform from MAC to PC to play ALL the sims expansions/SPs!
  • Went to PAX in Seattle.
  • Bought my first car

favorite quote

None specified.

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Comments (6)

Charmful • 26 Nov 2013 @ 18:01 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

emino • 27 Nov 2013 @ 01:02 GMT

Haha. #TeamMako

triciamanly • 5 Dec 2013 @ 04:12 GMT

Charmful! So nice to see the face behind the awesome feedback! It’s always nice to hear from you. All the best!

Charmful • 5 Dec 2013 @ 21:31 GMT

Thanks for dropping by Tricamanly! I hwill always have more feedback – or stories of what is going on with your houses in my game

ohbehave007 • 11 Dec 2013 @ 13:21 GMT

Yes I remember! They were great and I will check out your tumblr to see them again

Gaffney • 17 Dec 2013 @ 01:42 GMT

Sup Charmful

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