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Fortune, Secondary Knowledge


Mobile, Alabama

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The two main things I am into big time are The Sims PC games obviously, and secondly music. I love Kate Bush, Cher, Madonna, basically a bunch of old women that gay guys like. I also love history, and sometimes collecting antiques. I just got into collecting old magazines and coins which is kind of fun, but expensive. I managed to snag Time magazine election coverage of JFKs win, Lucille Ball on the cover of a magazine from 1944, and a Life magazine from 1896. Also got some pre Civil war coins.

favourite tv show

Once Upon a Time, Ancient Aliens, The Talk, Hardcore Pawn, pretty much anything on H2 or the History Channel that is not a reality show almost forgot, 30 Rock!

notable events in 2012

Got in touch with my spiritual side. Befriended Sylvia Brownes husband on facebook. Came back to MTS from a 2 year temporary ban which is something I am not proud of. I can no longer upload but I am just glad to be a part of the community again. Finally got my own place at the age of 30, no I am not lame, I was my crippled mothers only caregiver. Laughed a lot. Made a lot of friends. Had fun creating for The Sims 2 and just basically enjoyed life.

favorite quote

“We will love you just the way you are. If you are perfect.” Alanis Morrisette. “Every old sock needs an old shoe.” Kate Bush “Life is a gift to perfect. Those who dont see this are takers.” Sylvia Browne “The Rules of Life are simple. Just Be Nice.” Author unknown

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Comments (12)

joninmobile • 23 Nov 2012 @ 04:57 GMT

Uploaded a new image!

SeeMyu • 23 Nov 2012 @ 17:52 GMT

Heya Jon! Nice to see ya!

Ghost sdoj • 23 Nov 2012 @ 19:29 GMT

hugs jon

I know I said it before, but it’s really nice to see you back. I love your picture.

Vampire_aninyosaloh • 25 Nov 2012 @ 01:33 GMT

Hai hai!

LadyAwesome • 26 Nov 2012 @ 01:45 GMT

Welcome back

daluved1 • 26 Nov 2012 @ 04:34 GMT

When did you grow a beard?!

joninmobile • 26 Nov 2012 @ 05:24 GMT

@ dal I just got tired of shaving. I end up shaving it all off when it starts to itch.

Nouk • 26 Nov 2012 @ 06:57 GMT

Hello to you, too!

Kathleen_Anne • 27 Nov 2012 @ 10:43 GMT

Thanks, it’s one of my favourite outfits and I got the silk at a bargin price (it was bulk bought by a local theme park who had some fabric left over and bulk sold it cheaply to a local fabric store which went out of business and were selling everything off at half price and I happened to be there!)
Yeah, Australia’s pretty neat

Alice-wonder • 12 Dec 2012 @ 00:28 GMT

your creations are wonderful. thank you.

Nick-the-Greek • 19 Dec 2012 @ 07:55 GMT


triciamanly • 3 Mar 2013 @ 22:34 GMT

So glad you’re back. I’ve enjoyed your talent for quite some time.

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