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New Jersey

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im really laid back and down to earth i hate the winters here I would much rather be on the beach!I dont spend countless hours doing my hair and make-up just to post a couple pics for the world to see-therefore i feel as if Im a little more real. I dont spend hours a day talking shit/judging people on a silly website—therefore i feel as if i have a life to live for.Im as real as it gets.AndI just dont feel as if the majority of people are these days.I think thats my problem.Im fun, outgoing, sweet and one of the nicest people youll ever meet. I love animals, music, books and my family. My friends are the world to me. Im a very loyal person. I dont stand for cheating, I hate people who think theyre better than others and I never judge a book by its cover.Youll love me or youll hate me, theres no inbetween with me. Im very firm in my beliefs and I dont like it when people try to sway my opinion on something. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but theyre not entitled to try to change others.isexual and Im damn well proud of it. I think if I want to marry a woman, I should damn well have the right to. Those who are against gay marriages need to wake up and see the new world. Its a part of it. Get over it and get used to it. If you dont like marriages of the same sex, then dont marry someone of the same sex. Its not like theyre forcing you to go out and get married to someone of your own sex. Its there choice. Let them choose who they want to marry.Im a smartass on occassion and curse more that I really should. But you know what? Thats the way life is and I dont give a shit. I live each day that I have to the fullest and enjoy it all. Im not one to be held back by rules. I know theyre there for a reason. I also know that sometimes they arent meant to be broken. But there are times where rules are just a guideline that youre supposed to follow.If I seem a little crazy, its because I am a little crazy. Respect me and Ill respect you. Thats the way I play and the only way I play. I wont hate you for no reason. Its senseless and pointless. And stupid. Did I mention stupid?Im really cool and down to earth, I just try to enjoy the most out of life, always down to try new things Im one of a kind. Throw me a smartass remark and i gaurentee you ill throw one right back.I have high standards. Doesnt mean im stuck up, i just know what i deserve.Singing is fun… I sing to everything and sing about everything.I smile… A lot Everyday i try to have a better outlook on life. No , i dont wear contacts.Im not a morning person…But morning cuddles are the best ever.I cant sleep with the closet door open.Root beer and onions make me gag along with a list of other edible items.I love to read.Writing is something i tend to enjoy, and im better at it than actually talking.My favorite color is orange.Animal lover. I am working on learning russian. So far so good.I like to make people laugh, and have a gift at doing so. But honestly, i dont know how.I love my family more than anything.Yes, i like sports. Yes, i watch them.

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Scrubs, South Park, House

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Why is it called after dark when it really is after light?

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