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I dont really know what to put here. Im Lexie.Im from Baltimore originally, went to college in Pittsburgh, and grad school at NYU. I currently reside in Brooklyn.I love being outside for-wheeling,horseback riding, camping and so much more. Im spontaneous, awkward, comical, and just plain fucking weird. Im a bit morbid, a bit twisted, but all in good fun and of course, only when appropriate. Im very laid back, and strike others as a “people person”. I get along with most anyone, and it takes A LOT to anger me. Ive got tough skin, but a soft heart.My hobbies include hanging out, video game going to concerts/local shows, drinking booze, smoking, watching anime, having meaningful conversations, making an ass of myself, and simply enjoying life.Im semi-quiet and very headstrong.I have goals and dreams and I am determined to achieve them.Im really random an i say alotta stupid shit sometimes…I tend to look at things a lot differently than the average person.i like to stay fit.and not sweat the little things. I love to let loose and just be crazy sometimes, because it brings me joy to see others smile am pretty busy most of the time… except when I waste an hour to make this profile for your viewing pleasure Im usually always happy and I try to look at the bright side of everything. Everything does happen for a reason, and when you close one door, another one always opens, so just remember that. My car is my baby, and My biggest pet peeve is when people give subliminal messages….just effing say god. I dont have drama in my life. I dont hate anyone. Ive never been in a fight I love the color pink I like street racing I love shopping, getting my hair and nails done You will always find me on the dance floor at a club I like to drink beer (get over it) I have the greatest puppy named princess shes a Yorkie I like to travel and go on random road trips I hate getting played Ive never cheated Ive had my heart broken before and it sucks I love to cook Mexican and Chinese are my fav foods Ive burned pasta before DONT HATE I love going to the mall and just walk around I have over 100 purses I have over 30 pairs of shoes I only wear puma and Adidas sneakers the rest are heels or flip flops I like Paris Hilton GET OVER IT I love accessories mainly jewelry I like meeting new people

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Everyone needs believe in something. I believe Ill have another beer.

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