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None specified.


Ida-Where? Fort Hall - on the backside of the REZ. Supervolcano country

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I live on the backside of the rez (Fort Hall) and work in a converted bomb shelter… and that picture is about as good as you will get even though it is distorted camera picture form a couple of years ago. I pretty much look the same, a little older and fatter perhaps…. lol

favourite tv show

Psych, Leverage, Eureka, Covert Affairs, Mythbusters, Tera Nova, In Plain Sight, NCIS, Warehouse 13, and others…

notable events in 2011

uh.. I had a birfday? My son had a birfday… my grandson had a birfday…. My hubby had a birfday… everybody had a birfday… lol

favorite quote

To hubby: Do I have a favorite quote?
Hubby: Not that I can remember.
To hubby: Oh, ok..

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armiel • 13 Nov 2011 @ 06:29 GMT

Best quote so far Hellos right back at ya!

Yogi-Tea • 26 Nov 2011 @ 17:00 GMT

I love your nick and your avatar is just SO cute. Hi Cindy!

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