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I suppose I should fill this out..
My name is Kimberly but everyone calls me Kim dont call me Kimmy I hate that!
If your gonna lurk, you might as well say Hi.I live in Alaska or as you may know it as the place were Sarah Palin lives yet the women spends more time out of Alaska traveling the world and stays in high end hotels all the time but still calls it home like move already we wont miss you darling.
I suck at math.I get bored at work I dont dress like a whore. I love to eat food but I stay skinny all my family is thin, What can I say? A bitch likes to eat I can cook better then most people but I dont like to cook I just like to eat the food and I am hungry right now as I type this so that is why I am going on and on about food…Love to meet and make new friends,I am so bored of typing about me like who likes to talk about them self? well lots of people do I guess.

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Once Upon a Time

notable events in 2011

I was one of them fools who stood in line for the new I-Pad when it came out and within 2 weeks I broke it by mistake and had to get a new one and no it was not worth standing in the rain and paying all that money for a stupid giant cell phone/computer only to have pay MORE money for apps and things to get it to work I should have either waited for the price to go down like they did the next week or do like normal people and have a cell phone and a computer but you live and learn.

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Boring questions/answers=half-assed/no answer. I have the attention span of a two year old.

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