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England // In the TARDIS.

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None specified.

favourite tv show

Doctor who and Misfits.

notable events in 2011

My list is not working I think it does not like punctuation because every time I use a comma or whatever it decides to forget it even happened maybe it is the silence who knows hopefully someone will fix it soon anyway
It snowed Started Driving Sat my AS levels Dropped physics Started going to Uni Open Days Summer Happened Mad Hatters Tea Party Started A2 Levels Painted a lot this totally mucks up my grammar nazi lifestyle

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None specified.

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Comments (10)

Maranatah • 5 Nov 2011 @ 00:40 GMT

Hi there Petch _O/

Dreamydre • 5 Nov 2011 @ 04:07 GMT

Yo Petcy, good to see you’re still on Modthesims

Arisuka • 5 Nov 2011 @ 09:35 GMT

Yay for Doctor Who!

leesester • 5 Nov 2011 @ 09:42 GMT

awww – it should be JUST apostrophes – see it as, um, a challenge

Rabid • 5 Nov 2011 @ 18:14 GMT

Awesome photo, Petchy! You look so contemplative .

Petchy • 5 Nov 2011 @ 18:41 GMT

@ Maranatah Hello there yourself!
@ Dreamydre Oh yeah, still here, smelling the place up!
@ Arisuka YAY for the Doctor Love!
@ lees ester Doesn’t seem to work when I create a list using ]s for some odd reason. I’ll keep trying.
@ Rabid Thank you! I need something for Autumn, though, this is my late Summer photo [LOL I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER]

simsample • 6 Nov 2011 @ 16:34 GMT

Hiya Petchy!

mistyblue4 • 6 Nov 2011 @ 21:45 GMT

Hey Petchy! Great picture!

FREEDOM_55 • 9 Nov 2011 @ 19:44 GMT

Hey Petchy
your pics are always interesting and intriguing

Ghost sdoj • 17 Nov 2011 @ 18:15 GMT

Hi Petchy. I have missed you.

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