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I would like to serve/direct the nation in a MUCH better direction then were it is going now cause we are in some deep $hit and things will only get worse unless someone(ME) makes some major changes...


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I am sarcastic,funny,love music,play the guitar and im really random basically I Love:dancing,choreography – music,lyrics – my boyfriend Jesse – shopping – little kids – The beach at sunset – fear and loathing in Las vegans – Road trips – The smell of rain in Vancouver -Expensive things – Hollywood – Writing Letters – smiles -doing make-up and hair – taking pics -marijuana – sparkly things – beauty and beautiful people – Theater . I love to chill with friends,watch movies,dancing,listening to music and anything fun really. I love my friends and hang in out just having fun and being silly! I like singing actin and dancing! I love being me and having fun! Im a silly sweet blonde who just wants to meet people and have fun!

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White Collar

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The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public

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