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Born and raised in New Jersey and i wouldnt change a thing but now I live in Vermont I still wonder why I ever left home to live here. i am the sweetest person ever. and a dork. females tend to hate me for what ever reason yet mothers tend love me. i love to have a good time. not sure what else to put here.

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Not Sure…Not a tv person

notable events in 2011

Blah 2011 is almost over I am ready for 2012

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I do not know how anybody gets attacked by sharks…As soon as I heard that first, “Dun, Dun.” I would be out of there.- My friend told me that years ago and it sticks with me for what ever stupid reason

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simsample • 23 Nov 2011 @ 00:31 GMT

Hello Icy Hurricane, you are very secretive!

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