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To be one of them people who makes a change in this world because at the rate were going will all will be dead this world is falling apart as I type



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Hi i am Tyler, I Am 20 years old, 61” . I am currently living in Alabama not the coolest place to be if you know what I mean but where i am a personal trainer. I have the best family and the best friends anyone could ask for. Im
toned smart not a man-whore nice guy,.. still in last place Im a pretty cool dude tho.. totally laid back, always willing to have some fun theres a lot more to me then this.. its just pointless to say it all cuz nobody reads these things now a days.

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THE BEST THING EVER happened to me and my family this year TWO of my family members who were over seas fighting in this loss of a war come home and were completely safe and that made me and my entirely family beyond happy and I still thank god he brought them back to us I think of all the men and women who died over this shit of a war and think my god how horrabile that is but we have our “trusting government” for that….

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I am not a friend collector.

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