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EsmeraldaF (MTS profile)


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real name

Not Esmeralda


To be as weird as possible (within reason)


None specified.


On a psychedelic alien planet with just a black leather trenchcoat, shades and a Harley - what more could a girl need

personal bio

Love Sci Fi and fantasy (as you may guess from my creations and from my photo here every year), and love always learning new things.

favourite tv show

Currently True Blood, The Mentalist, Big Bang Theory, and Sons of Anarchy just because it stars Hellboy and the voice actor of Christof Romuald from Vampire the Masquerade – Redemption

notable events in 2011

In the Sims world, learned to rig for the first time, so hopefully more fantasy vehicles will follow!

favorite quote

“I never asked for this.” – Adam Jensen. I know what you mean, pal.

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Comments (8)

Morphead • 21 Nov 2011 @ 02:29 GMT

Hey Esmeralda, great work on the bat!

Arisuka • 21 Nov 2011 @ 11:40 GMT

Now that’s one kickass picture!!

gelis • 23 Nov 2011 @ 10:01 GMT

Agreed with Ari

Elexis • 25 Nov 2011 @ 20:23 GMT

Is that a motorcycle I spying on your picture? O_o

EsmeraldaF • 26 Nov 2011 @ 14:25 GMT

@Elexis: That’s my hubby’s Harley! I used to have a Harley of my own but had to sell it, needed the money! (cry)

Miuki • 29 Nov 2011 @ 17:06 GMT

Hi from fantasy fan!
Your sims 2 conversions are super!

EsmeraldaF • 23 Dec 2011 @ 18:22 GMT

Thanks for comments everyone, and happy holidays if you’re looking at this before/during the holiday season. If you’re looking at this after the holiday season, well, happy holidays for next year!

Riptide651 • 24 Feb 2012 @ 05:22 GMT

Deus Ex for the win!

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