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South Carolina

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I am Britt.
I am a twin
I quote often and on occasion have been known to make people laugh.
I love PC Games.
I enjoy a nice cup of wild thunder tea and a non-fiction novel.
I always sneeze twice in a row. No more. No less.
If you find it necessary to abbreviate and use your trendy lingo… save it for someone else.
Ive got tiny feet and tiny hands with my short fingernails usually painted a neon color.
I love nature and just being outside in general.
I hate bigotry… it really makes me so angry!
I can out weird face anyone and will probably royally kick your butt in trivia.
I will draw anything you stick a pen in my hand and give me some free time.
If I get to know you, Ill sing to you… more than likely… it will be a Disney song.
I am too chill to wear heels but will do it will absolutely necessary.
My musical tastes are all over the place. Just ask.
I hate talking on the phone and how clumsy I am.
I dont drink, smoke, or do drugs but Ill still love you even if you do.
I really enjoy a small venue, with barely any people there.
I hate talking about politics but am most certainly not afraid to tell you my opinion.
I love art galleries and history museums.
Oh, and I will always enjoy a boy with an accent or who is scruffy. —————I think I am awesome-You should too.

favourite tv show

Gossip Girl

notable events in 2011

My sister got married and had her twin babys it must run in our DNA lol

favorite quote

It is more a saying then a quote but I always say it when people see me and my sister and that is yes we are twins because well we really our.

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5M0K3 • 8 Jan 2012 @ 04:41 GMT

I love your hair.

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