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Hey whats going on? My name is Max and If your reading this then your lurking on my page but its all good. hmmm where to start? I am 22, just finished up school…got myself a degree in audio engineering. I am originally from California but have lived in the good ol green mountain state Colorado since I was 11. Where i resided until I decided to move to Baltimore, MD for school, anyways besides work and school I have plenty of hobbies. I am not the most outdoorsy guy but I like cliff jumping, fishing, wake boarding, camping, etc. I love love love cars and yes I do write way to dam much.

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None for me

notable events in 2011

Finished college and got a new car out of it thanks mom and dad ;P

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Not so much a favorite quote as I more so just always ask or say the word why or like all the time I never notice I do it till my friends yell at me about it.

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Monkaria • 30 Nov 2011 @ 17:41 GMT

Audio engineering sounds awesome! Do you have a particular favourite area in audio engineering?

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