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Phaenoh (MTS profile)


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real name

I will respond to Faye, but thats not it either...


Family and Knowledge


In studio

personal bio

Im a tad preoocupied at the moment with all the projects Im working on and all the studios Im in at school. My hair is currently a nice raven brown and I plan on leaving it that way for a while. Job interviewing is hard with pink hair.

favourite tv show

Bones! Also, House and Glee

notable events in 2011

I finished off and got Featured my Phonebook project. I also finally uploaded my Apox Challenge variant, complete with helper mods and comm lots.

I co-oped at Swimways where I designed pool toys, camping gear, and sports toys and their packaging. My travel games packaging for Hasbro is in stores now.

I designed and created an extremely lightweight chair (5.5lbs) and broke school records with it. The chair is made of aluminum tubing and parachute cord.

I will be graduating this year if I can survive this quarter, my final co-op, and then my capstone project. Im a little scared to twirl around and then take a taxi back to the neighborhood.

favorite quote

ZOMG Snap!

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Comments (27)

leesester • 5 Nov 2011 @ 21:44 GMT

hey no pic?? – I wanna see what hair color you have this year

Phaenoh • 5 Nov 2011 @ 21:56 GMT

Lee, you can’t rag on me for not having a pic when I’m just now creating the page. Hold your horses! I don’t have all my details done yet either. Also, my hair isn’t the same color now as the it was in the pic I uploaded, so you are still thwarted. ]

Sparklycookie • 5 Nov 2011 @ 21:59 GMT

HAI! Nice hair!

heaven • 5 Nov 2011 @ 22:01 GMT

Oh, you remind me just of your avatar!!! Love it.

armiel • 5 Nov 2011 @ 22:04 GMT

Helloo Phae

mistyblue4 • 6 Nov 2011 @ 01:13 GMT

Hiya Phae! That must be really cool designing all that awesome stuff. Toys especially!

Love your picture, btw

Arisuka • 6 Nov 2011 @ 08:04 GMT

Wow, you have amazing color palette in that pic all the way from your hair down to your skirt, so pretty!

G.O.C. • 6 Nov 2011 @ 15:09 GMT

Yay Phae! Pretty as ever!!

simsample • 6 Nov 2011 @ 16:23 GMT

Phae! Lovely picture!
simsample hugs Phaenoh

daluved1 • 6 Nov 2011 @ 20:11 GMT

snuggles Phae


Steals skirt when Phae isn’t looking

pare321 • 7 Nov 2011 @ 04:39 GMT

That skirt and that hair.

I’m jelly.

QBUILDERZ • 7 Nov 2011 @ 06:04 GMT

There she is. My first sim community friend! My go to gal! My drug of choice! My biggest critic! My darling Phaengel ;D

Your dress is all swooshy, but that, still, takes a back seat to your ever changing (yet awesome retentive) hair

adonispluto • 7 Nov 2011 @ 06:27 GMT

That dress is out of this world. Thanks for the year book cos we get to see our artists in the real. You look good and thanks for being here

Psychosim • 7 Nov 2011 @ 23:59 GMT

You’re a pretty woman and that skirt is gorgeous.
(And everytime I look at that picture I think that black circle next to your face is an earring.)

Phaenoh • 8 Nov 2011 @ 17:12 GMT

Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! I’m glad you like my skirt, it was a present from my boyfriend. We were out doing a photo shoot that day. Huggles for everyone!

Morphead • 12 Nov 2011 @ 08:23 GMT

Hey Phaenoh, your hair color really suits you well. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was natural

Nouk • 12 Nov 2011 @ 14:40 GMT

Awesome hair and awesome skirt

Menaceman44 • 12 Nov 2011 @ 22:31 GMT

Hello right back at you.
You are one of the few people here in the year book who actually looks like I imagined they would.

Pixelhate • 12 Nov 2011 @ 23:27 GMT

I am happy (but not surprised) to see that you are successful in so many field.
Go on Phae !

himawara106 • 16 Nov 2011 @ 10:49 GMT

Wow – you’re school must be pretty cool. Congrats on your invention!

sim_addict94 • 25 Nov 2011 @ 06:45 GMT

Hey (: Thanks for all your great uploads

Yogi-Tea • 26 Nov 2011 @ 17:39 GMT

I had lots of your creations installed when I was playing ts2. I still love your work, though I can not use it anymore. sighs

thalbal • 19 Dec 2011 @ 20:18 GMT

I love Bones! I can’t believe the season 6 ending. I think i actually shouted Hooray!

meandlia • 21 Dec 2011 @ 20:11 GMT

Merry Christmas….Great job with everything Phae

meandlia • 21 Dec 2011 @ 20:12 GMT

by the way… is your skirt floating on one side or something??

Phaenoh • 22 Dec 2011 @ 08:18 GMT

meandlia, it was very windy that day, my hair doesn’t normally sit like that either

CatOfEvilGenius • 23 Jan 2012 @ 07:49 GMT

Eventful year! Congrats on being so close to graduation. I’m amazed your chair weighs less than my cat!

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