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Deutschland, Bayern

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notable events in 2010

Had some dates but without any relationship in the end.

I bought me a tft-screen.

My brother got engaged.

Started to get fascinated about falcons.

favorite quote

Learn from the mistakes of others because you can’t live long enough to make every mistake on your own.

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Comments (7)

Fresh-Prince • 20 Nov 2010 @ 14:16 GMT

Hey there Andy! Thank you so much! I’ve also enjoyed your great men’s clothing this year too. Keep up the great work! =]

cthru • 22 Nov 2010 @ 14:30 GMT

Hey there Randir!
Thank you for your nice words! Keep on making nice simmie clothing! \o/

nila.dulko • 23 Nov 2010 @ 06:34 GMT

Well, isn’t this crazy? I love falcons, too! That’s an awesome picture. In fact, it makes me really jealous… of holding that falcon and that beautiful, amazing countryside!

longears15 • 18 Dec 2010 @ 06:58 GMT

Hi Andy – I love falcons and other raptors…’tis a great picture you have there

MasIMS3 • 4 Jan 2011 @ 15:16 GMT

wow jemand aus deutschland ist auch hier!

longears15 • 8 Jan 2011 @ 08:09 GMT

Thanks Andy They certainly look impressive. We had a Goshawk in our yard this morning…just beautiful

Niquey • 25 Feb 2011 @ 17:30 GMT

Ecko, U-unit ..I loved your uploads for the sims 2 (: -cool pic, that falcon looks scary!

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