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Brit living in NV, USA

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Um….lets see….I was born and raised in Scotland. Left when I was 20 to join the RAF so mostly lived around various places in England after that and I left the RAF this year and moved to the US with my husband to start our family. Didn’t think I’d ever say this but I do miss Britain….even the weather, lol

favourite tv show

Right now I’m into The Walking Dead, Glee, House, Desperate Housewives, Raising Hope….I think that’s it for the regulars. Oh and True Blood when it starts back up again

notable events in 2010

Holy cow, 2010 has been an epic year for me.

At the end of 09 I finally handed in my notice (of 1 year) so I could follow my dream of going to college/uni….but life had other plans, lol. I still quit but not to go to college….

After 2 years of trying and then deciding to give it a break for a while I found out I was pregnant, yay! On the same day I also found out that my husband’s work were moving us from London to Las Vegas for 3 years and we had only 4 months to get ready for it!

So we arrived in Vegas safe and well and 2 weeks later I was rushed to hospital with a pregnancy related illness which very nearly killed me and my unborn baby. Obviously we survived but my son had to be delivered 2 months early. Thankfully he was healthy and had no complications but he was tiny so had to spend 3 weeks in the NICU to put on enough weight to come home. My pic is us in the hospital doing kangaroo care

On the downside: 6 months later and I still haven’t shifted the baby weight….in fact I might’ve even added to it slightly, lol. I have so little ‘me time’ these days that I have to choose between sitting on my ass simming or going to the gym….its not really a fair contest :p

Well that’s been my year so far, I hope next year is a little less crazy, lol

favorite quote

...hmmmm, can’t think of one right now, how lame Will work on it!

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Comments (4)

missroxor • 30 Nov 2010 @ 08:08 GMT

I come on MTS almost every day and I somehow didn’t notice the yearbook was up until now…grrrrr! lol

kaylarox • 30 Nov 2010 @ 09:51 GMT

lol omg I had to look twice to see your bubz hun!!!! Welcome to the year book!

el_flel • 30 Nov 2010 @ 15:14 GMT

Wow, your son really was tiny! He looks like a doll. I think ‘epic’ to describe your year is an understatement! I hope you’re doing well now. You’re missing snow in Britain atm although being Scottish you’re probably used to that :p

Captain THPS4 • 15 Dec 2010 @ 07:55 GMT

I don’t blame you not noticing the yearbook, I only knew it myself because of someone else’s signature xD Crazy story, I’m glad both you and your baby are okay

BTW I put up a LOLZ, Sims video where you can hear Lightbulb’s Scottish accent a bit more, it’s right after the Dragon’s Maw part: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjcwBpPCqY4

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