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Tacoma, WA

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Artist, SAHM to Mr Tiberius and Totally Addicted to Creating Uber Cool Sims!

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Tiberius (my Son) turning 1 year old.

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Spock: “Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans”

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Petchy • 6 Dec 2010 @ 16:19 GMT

How much I do love your Sims, whatever game they are from, and their awesome creator is cool too. Your Game Content is always five steps ahead, as is your Picture quality, too.
Not only that, but you’re just about the nicest and Just friend I’ve had.

Maranatah • 6 Dec 2010 @ 19:37 GMT

You are an Inspiration to me

kaylarox • 7 Dec 2010 @ 05:59 GMT

Awww cute kid lol.. And hey!!!
Your are very inspirational. I hate you – for the fact that I suck haha

raginron • 7 Dec 2010 @ 10:09 GMT

You’ve made this game so much better for me over the years with your awesome sims. You’re creativity astounds me. I’m so sad that you only are interested in sims3 now. But thanks for the 300 plus sims2 !!!

mistyblue4 • 7 Dec 2010 @ 13:16 GMT

Aw, you two are so cute!! [3 I love you and your sims. Your work has always been such a great inspiration, and looking at your new sims really makes me want to re-install TS3, they’re just full of awesome.

linuslover30 • 8 Dec 2010 @ 05:21 GMT

@raginron – Don’t be too hasty. I am about to upload some new S2 Sims I have been working on!!!

Alan_Gast • 8 Dec 2010 @ 17:08 GMT

I LIVE FOR YOUR SIMS. Goddammit I should stop lurking your site. Maxis Match ftw!

el_flel • 12 Dec 2010 @ 16:11 GMT

I really will love you forever for your contribution to Strangetown! Both my TS2 and TS3 NHs are already filled with your sims, having them in ST is just even better

Your son is so cute, his hair is a gorgeous colour.

longears15 • 18 Dec 2010 @ 06:41 GMT

Hi Keely…looks like we’re neighbours for now Love the photo…your wee boy is beyond cute!

Ghanima Atreides • 21 Dec 2010 @ 06:56 GMT

Ohh my I haven’t seen a pic of Tiberius since he was a baby (from your old site) he’s grown so much!

You both look great, and so happy!

Avaluna • 2 Jan 2011 @ 17:43 GMT

OMG. Tiberius has become such a big boy in the time I didn’t have Internet! That’s such a cute picture of you two.

werismyki • 5 Jan 2011 @ 16:33 GMT

Hiya Keely Great picture!

LoonehWannabe • 30 Jan 2011 @ 13:33 GMT

Hello! I just love your Sims, they’re so creative. Mine always look the same!

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