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Grrrrr, how many bio’s must I fill?
Them voices told me to stop makin’ yearbooks, but the tradition must remain. So, anyways. I was a semi-normal kid, eventually driven insane by people who claim to be “doctors.” After years of being controlled and manipulated til the point of eating peoples limbs, I finally escaped that imprisonment. None of that is true, actually. Just a space filler. Anyway, As most of you know me, (old pals, I love ya =3) and for some of you who don’t (Hai, new peeps =D). I’m a 17 year old chick that plays guitar, and Sims of course. That has the best guy she could ever ask for, Matthew =) [3. And, that pic is a month-ish old. It’s probably due to change.

favourite tv show

House, 24 (even though it doesn’t air anymore.), Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State.

notable events in 2010

Jan, Got my eyebrow pierced and met Matthew, for the first time.

March, Met Matthew, again.

May, Prom and awesomeness in TN.

June, Came back home from awesomeness to a news of, my uncle dying.

July, YAYAYAYAYAY 17! Big whoop.

August, My aunt died.

September, My other aunt died, and had to put one of my cats (Gabbie) to sleep.

October, Flew in to see Matthew, One year anniversary with him (24th).

As of now, I don’t know what’s in store for me.So I’ll just flow with whatever swims to me.

favorite quote

“Some people were dropped on their head as a baby. You clearly, were thrown at a wall.”

“10 men and 1 woman were hanging on a rope. Sadly, the rope could only hold 10 people. The woman said she’d let go of the rope, so, she gave an amazing speech and all the men clapped.”

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Captain THPS4 • 29 Nov 2010 @ 09:31 GMT

OMG it’s Dani! lol I love the second quote, and that’s coming from a guy! XD

DarkPhoenix • 29 Nov 2010 @ 15:39 GMT

Dani! I missed you! Good to see you, kiddo!

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