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To be or not to be, that is the question...


On land, with gas mask In hand

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Heyo like mayo, name Stacy but I mostly like being called Nem. i turn a year older every August 9th. i live in the beautiful state of washington, i live in a small town but thats okay. I am going to college this spring to earn my degree in Art, i will also be studying photography. Anything else you would like to know feel free to ask =].

favourite tv show

Invader Zim, Making Fiends, Smallville, Supernatural, and many others.

notable events in 2010

1. Got my GED, i’m edumacated…
2. learned that i’m going to be an aunt for the frist time hearts June 20, 2011.

favorite quote

“A wise man once said even though you may think im wise, im just as stupid as my actions.”

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