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Arisuka (MTS profile)


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Finland, Anguish Lagoon

personal bio

I’m a creative person, which means that I do everything in my life either the difficult, artistic or simply plain crazy way. I’m a high-school senior, which means that soon I’ll be unleashed into the world to go study and make ART baby!

I enjoy music, making music, weird and exotic musical instruments, silent films, art, making art and.. tea.

favourite tv show

Glee, Doctor Who, True Blood, LA ink, RuPaul’s drag race, Little Britain

notable events in 2010

Became a moderator!

Visited New York City, the best thing ever despite the unbelievable heat wave

Learned how to sing really convincingly

Finished a painting for the first time (I seriously have never-ever finished a single piece, ever)

Mastered the Liverpool-accent (learning new dialects and accents in english is a fun hobby, and also language teachers give good grades when I entertain them with funny accents)

After being blonde all my life, I went for GINGER.

favorite quote

It’s not impossible, just highly unlikely.
-The Doctor, Doctor Who

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Comments (8)

leesester • 7 Dec 2010 @ 15:00 GMT

no pic!!! Awww. Hi there

Vampire_aninyosaloh • 8 Dec 2010 @ 11:22 GMT

Hello dear!! Nice to see you’re here ^^

armiel • 8 Dec 2010 @ 13:14 GMT

Hello the Big A!!

ok, ok, enough with that

Arisuka • 14 Dec 2010 @ 14:07 GMT

Ooops, I forgot the pic.. One ginger coming right up!
Armi, never enough! okay, one day probably

Vampire_aninyosaloh • 15 Dec 2010 @ 14:27 GMT

You look gorgeous!!

Astraea Nevermore • 16 Dec 2010 @ 19:38 GMT

Hi there! Yep, been to Wacken this year, first time ever… totally great festival! Nice to see you here, btw, you look great! Love the hair colour

dutch_1991 • 17 Dec 2010 @ 01:09 GMT

You look fantastic and remind me of Marie Digby, just because of the whole talented-and-pretty-half-Japanese-girl bit.

werismyki • 5 Jan 2011 @ 16:35 GMT

Hiya Ari! Glee, huh? hmmm, well you did list True Blood so we still have hope for you

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