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Shasta County, Northern California, California, United States, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Earth, Milky Way

personal bio

-almost 16
-single, hoping to change that, however
-ffa freak
-mutt, i’d rather say that then attempt to track down my heritage. trust me, if i did, it’d just be a tl;dr moment.
-country lover
-resident hick on nintendorks island ;D
-b average student
-naturally blonde, and clumsy
-farsighted/nearsighted, one in each eye
-5’6, getting taller all the time
-slim, but muscular
-lived in hick towns all my life
-discovered sims in 5th grade, was immediately hooked
-green/blue eyes (they change, and occasionally blend)
-ipod nano
-planning to become: agricultural teacher/biologist/farmer/architect, haven’t decided yet
-planning to attend oklahoma state university
-nowhere near average
-and a goat
-interested in many, many things, from baseball to ffa, to musicals
-sings in the shower
-gets along with almost everyone
-has fallen in love with best friend, to get heart broken (yes, i’m a teen, and yes, i should’ve know it was going to happen)
-not in any hurry to grow up
-loves to perform
-independent beliefs
-non-denominational christian
-disagrees with most other christians when it comes to homosexuality, i have gay friends, and i love them all to death
-anything else you’re wanting to know, ask away.

favourite tv show

None specified.

notable events in 2010

-First plane ride
-First time off the West Coast
-First trip to Disneyland
-Reconnected with a long lost friend
-Met plenty of amazing new people

favorite quote

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Comments (15)

Sparklycookie • 25 Nov 2010 @ 23:58 GMT

RI! Baaaaaaaa!

dutch_1991 • 26 Nov 2010 @ 00:06 GMT

Sup Ri!

kaylarox • 26 Nov 2010 @ 00:30 GMT

How cute is that piccy

armiel • 26 Nov 2010 @ 06:32 GMT

Hihi Ri

Vampire_aninyosaloh • 27 Nov 2010 @ 10:11 GMT

Hello Ri, love ^^ hugs

Elephant • 29 Nov 2010 @ 07:49 GMT

It’s my pet tigger, RiRi!!!

tree4me • 11 Dec 2010 @ 09:13 GMT


Dreamydre • 12 Dec 2010 @ 01:47 GMT

ew North California = Lamme.

hehe kidding, hi Rick!! :]

el_flel • 4 Jan 2011 @ 23:23 GMT

You’re with a pig in your pic, love it! And thank you for your comment

Rabid • 9 Jan 2011 @ 00:24 GMT

Thank you, Rick! I’m so jealous that you live in Northern California; I go to California every other summer and the northern region is my favorite. Wine country is beautiful.

MasterJ16 • 7 Mar 2011 @ 00:30 GMT

Hey Rick

Riptide651 • 9 Mar 2011 @ 23:53 GMT

California rules…

Southern Cali is cool. I live in Orange County

MasterJ16 • 13 Mar 2011 @ 01:40 GMT

Hey Rick

MasterJ16 • 16 Mar 2011 @ 19:19 GMT

didn’t mean to post the same thing sorry

daluved1 • 3 May 2011 @ 16:16 GMT


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