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Fawkes (MTS profile)


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real name



Probably Family. I also want to work with animals when I grow up.



personal bio

5”8’, Brown Hair, Tanned Skin, Hazel Eyes

I love animals of most any sort, love my family, friends and music. I love things that are exhilarating, like roller coasters, and anything dramatically different from the norm. I love trying new things when it comes to having fun. I plan on trying out bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, hang gliding, mountain climbing etc. This is me!

favourite tv show

None specified.

notable events in 2009

- Went to Jamaica on vacation – Graduation! – Began Highschool! – Got my laptop

and Many more

favorite quote

“I never look back, darling, it distracts from the now!”
~Edna Mode

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Comments (8)

nene1234 • 22 Dec 2009 @ 00:31 GMT

Sorry your name is actually Tyler I guess I have to start calling you that…
I’m sorry, but I always thought you were a girl… hahahh But now it’s kinda obvious that you aren’t. =P
Are you only 14?

Fawkes • 23 Dec 2009 @ 14:25 GMT

Haha! Yes Nene Im 14. Almost 15 though, haha! You can call me Fawkes or Tyler, Im fine with either! And yes I am pretty sure im not a girl Thankes for commenting!

traelia • 23 Dec 2009 @ 21:14 GMT


Fawkes • 23 Dec 2009 @ 23:43 GMT


nene1234 • 25 Dec 2009 @ 22:26 GMT

Hahah I am pretty sure you aren’t a girl too, now
Aand happy birthday! When it is your birthday. Hahah

MERRY CHRISTMAS bud! And have a Happy New Year!! All my best wishes to you!

(Oh, and I left you a comment on my page. Hahah )

Fawkes • 28 Dec 2009 @ 19:30 GMT

My birthday is actually March, haa! I tend to try and make it seem closer Merry (late) Christmas to you too, Jaden (read your comment ), and the best to come !

daphnegirl123 • 4 Jan 2010 @ 01:23 GMT

Hey Fawkes! Glad to see you have a Yearbook page now!

daphnegirl123 • 7 Jan 2010 @ 01:30 GMT

LOL, I hope that isn’t a bad thing.

I guess I’m guilty too, I thought you were a girl until I saw you were in the ‘Just for Guys’ group on modthesims2.com haha.

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