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no.[666]bicycle (MTS profile)


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real name

Araticus Methius Dueel


I swear this said aperition? More than likely family....


On land, with gas mask In hand

personal bio

My names Nem which is what you would call a stage name, Well how does one person describe themselves? Well first thing you should know is I am not mentally stable somtimes all I wish for is to be normal then i think well hasn’t all I went through humbled me? for sure it has. Another thing you should know about me is my family and friends are everything to me I will protect them at all costs, I have few people who I trust and acctually that trust is fadeing. I’m really into photography and art, I like to take pictures and draw even thought I wouldn’t call me an artist cause I cant live up to that label i’d rather call myself creative. I’m very shy when I first meet somone in person and I do the strangest things around people I like in a romantic way, most days I could care less what people think about me but it really depends on my mood. I also think the reason ive failed in relationships is because of this quote “you can’t love sombody if you don’t love yourself” which is very true I don’t love myself, and i think it will take alot of convincing to make me think otherwise. Also another thing I have struggled with is my weight, I have been big most of my life and thats somthing I want to change and am working on. I love playing dress up even though i’m a little old to be playing dress up, it’s fun so why not? I also don’t live in reality most of the time..which helps me deal with life and is pretty much a vice to stop the pain I feel. About religion, I don’t have one I believe what I beileve and thats all I can say. I HATE politics and will avoid talking about it at all costs well thats pretty much all im going to write for now, TTFN

favourite tv show

The Mighty Boosh!

notable events in 2009

Turned 22 =D
Caught te swine flu!

favorite quote

A wise man once said even though you may think im wise, im just as stupid as my actions.

Beat me till im bleeding, and ill still walk the low valley…in darkness proclaiming that i am right

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