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real name

Uuhh...people online have been calling me Kaily since I was 14, so let's go with that.


To be a flying fish! No...I'd like to some day do something with art that can benefit others.


None specified.


New York

personal bio

I’ve got my AA in Liberal Arts, Humanity and Social Sciences with a concentration in art. I plan to, eventually, go further but at the moment I’m trying to save money to make that happen.

I work at a Custom Framing Shop and I love my job…it lets me meet all the local artists and gets me started with networking within the community.

I’m 23, dear lord…almost 24. I feel like an old hag and all. I’m an old fashion broad and I love 40’s fashion.

I have two kitties and I live with my older sister…we rent the other half of my dad’s house from him.

I’ve been playing The Sims since the first one was out but I’ve only recently started sharing creations with other users on MTS. I see it as a way to keep me active with my art work without having to buy supplies.

As I said before, I’m engaged…but here’s the crazy thing…he lives in Chicago, IL and I live in northern New York (state—not the city.) Yeah, weird, right? Well, we met over the internet. CRAZY, I KNOW! We first met when we were 16/17 and we talked over the ‘net for about a year as friends before we started to get into a “relationship.” He told me he wanted to have a relationship outside the computer at the end of 2004, and broke up with me…I went to Chicago to meet him when I was 18 and he said he was a childish fool, told me loved me, grabbed my face, and kissed me, very gentleman-like, in front of my hotel building, as we were surrounded by the white light lite trees gracing the streets. When it was over I turned around and walked away into my hotel without saying a word. The next day I was leaving and he came to see me off to the bus station. Long story short, we’ve been together for 6 year by April 2010. We visit each other as often as we can and we’re both in the midst of working to bring us together. He just got a really great job with ATT.

If you want to see the full image of my pic than go here.

favourite tv show

My Name is Earl…Everybody Loves Raymond…Gossip Girl (apparently) I don’t know…I don’t get cable.

notable events in 2009

Well, technically it was at the end of 2008…but I’m engaged!

favorite quote

You get what you get so don’t pitch a fit.

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Comments (29)

FREEDOM_55 • 1 Nov 2009 @ 01:37 GMT

I’m not usually one go all mushy for a love story but awww, I’m so happy for you! how exciting! totally destined for a story book wedding

YOU finally got a yearbook. you were the first one I looked for when I made ages ago. buts it seems my cup is half full because you have no display pic and i can’t se my loving mentor

We have some much in common like your intrest in “Liberal Arts, Humanity and Social Sciences”. Omg I love every subject under those fields, although I ‘ll narrow it down to doing anthropology before I go to law school.

I have great intrest in photography , but how did you know? certainly not based on that photo of me , it was a school photo lol

Well, i actually planned on saying something else. i was going to mention how much I adore you and apprecaite you , how I admire your work and your talent.
But it would have to be something you neverheard me tell you before already. It would have to be … Special, you know?

So I wrote you a poem:
There is no greater treasure than an understanding friend,
who’s there in times of trouble and on whom we can depend.
A friend who knows our every mood and brightens cloudy days,
one who’s slow to criticize but quick to praise.

One who shares our happy times and gives them added worth,
who adds a touch of heaven to all our days on earth.

There is no greater treasure than a friend who always cares, this is the one who I will always remember every day throughout the year

Okay Its not best poem, but the thought is still there and I meant every word.

Snow White you are amazing !

SnowWhiteCharming • 1 Nov 2009 @ 14:00 GMT

Oh my gosh! That is SO SWEET! No one has ever written me a poem before!!! You are unbelievably kind! I really appreciate all your kind words, puts a smile on my face!

I have a display pic up now…I just wanted to have recent one so I was waiting until I took one. But it’s there now! D’you know what the dimension limitations on here are? Because I don’t like how my pic for resized…I rather crop it than to have it look that dinky. It loses its texture!

Oh, I assumed you took that photo, haha. It’s a really nice photo, though. But I also was guessing you were into photography from your sim pics and stuff. Shows your artistic side through it! I love photography, as well!

Thanks, again, so much for all your kind words! And that’s so great that you’re my first comment, too! Haha. I bet any other commenters will now feel intimidated by you. You’re a very sweet, talented young woman. I’m sure you’ll go far and accomplish whatever you want from life!

EsmeraldaF • 1 Nov 2009 @ 21:53 GMT

Thanks for the nice yearbook message! Yes, I AM fun, ha ha. And nah, that’s not colouring on my hair, it’s a Photoshop trick (extreme use of the ‘Curves’ thingy) – hair is really dark brown. I like the effect as it makes me look like some sort of Sci-Fi fairy.

Love your very dramatic and glamorous B&W photo! And what a wonderful love story – long may that romance continue!

PrinceCharming • 2 Nov 2009 @ 01:12 GMT

Wow, you’re extremely beautiful. :”] I know your romance story will come true.

SnowWhiteCharming • 2 Nov 2009 @ 12:31 GMT

Lmao, you’re an idiot. Heart you, my idiot.

daphnegirl123 • 3 Nov 2009 @ 00:36 GMT

Hehe thanks for looking at my profile, I just joined! After I saw yours I wanted to join cause this looked cool. Hehe and thank you, you pretty as well.

EsmeraldaF • 3 Nov 2009 @ 08:18 GMT

Ah yes, “Vegas Lights In A Bottle” – I would LOVE it if they made that hair dye! The best I’ve been able to do is go to my hairdresser and have her put in a few weird dayglo coloured extensions (maybe one day I’ll just have her do my whole head like that, ha ha)

SimsShine • 3 Nov 2009 @ 13:38 GMT

Hi Kail!
Thank you for your comment ! Yes, I am 14 .
I like your pic too!!

Anubis360 • 3 Nov 2009 @ 17:19 GMT

And I thought you were a guy! lol
I’m stupid, I know, I know…

Love your eyes

Jessica_2020 • 3 Nov 2009 @ 23:31 GMT

Wow! What a crazy cool romance!! I met my hubby on the internet too and we’ve been together for 10 years now!! Congratulations on the engagement!

You look so familiar!! I love your artsy portrait, your eyes look amazing in it!

Jessica_2020 • 4 Nov 2009 @ 05:10 GMT

LOL, no! Not married, but we’ve lived together since I was 16! We didn’t get married until about 5 years ago!

Monkaria • 4 Nov 2009 @ 16:19 GMT

Why thank you! I’m not a fan of Disney things to be honest, but ah well! :p
Nice pout in your photo! Hah.

Lovely to meet you too!
Rock on!

Audrey • 4 Nov 2009 @ 18:48 GMT

Hey Kaily, finally you put your mug up here. You look so different from your avatar, younger, about 15, compliment.

I also have a degree – social anthropology and english.

What a great love story. I have an amazing story too, but it is way too long to tell.

nene1234 • 5 Nov 2009 @ 02:40 GMT

lol I hope that’s a good thing!
I think it comes from reading so much… I don’t read as much anymore, but when I was in grade 4 I’d bring my book everywhere! :p Not to mention, I was spelling at a grade 10 level. ]_[
I can fit in with adults or teenagers, but USUALLY prefer teenagers, I find what adults talk about boring.
Some exceptions though My mom’s cousin is really cool. And there are some people on here who are way older than I would’ve guessed! I think it’s cool that they’re so much older and they like the same things as me.

lol lots of people don’t even know what Saskatchewan is. :p

I love your … love story! It makes me feel so happy for you!!

My friend and this guy Kyle got me into the Sims 1 when I was in grade 3! I got it on PS2.

nene1234 • 5 Nov 2009 @ 03:19 GMT

Is your avatar actually you? It looks sort of like the picture here, but at the same time completely different.

SnowWhiteCharming • 5 Nov 2009 @ 03:24 GMT

Yes, it’s me. Haha. Here’s the link to the full-sized pic of it.

Audrey said I look like an old fart in that pic. LOL. (I’m taking artistic license with her wording!) It’s been photoshopped a bunch…probably more than the one on here. So maybe that’s why I look funky.

nene1234 • 5 Nov 2009 @ 03:48 GMT

Oh. :p I like it though! I actually thought it was… Snow White, from DisneyWorld.

FREEDOM_55 • 5 Nov 2009 @ 09:10 GMT

your welcome
OMG Snow your canadain too? no way xD Even more awesomeness…

thedivineone • 5 Nov 2009 @ 09:44 GMT

sneaks up from behind and hugglesattacks then gives cookie Hihi

BewitchedPrue • 5 Nov 2009 @ 16:24 GMT

Bizarrely you actually look really familiar too…maybe we’re related, I do have relatives in New York that I’ve never met! Well, I really hope I look like you when I’m 23, you’re very pretty.

And congratulations on your engagement!

SnowWhiteCharming • 6 Nov 2009 @ 04:23 GMT

thedivineone – [strong]huggles back![/strong] Yummy! Cookie!!! Hiya!!!

BewitchedPrue – Wow, thanks so much for the compliment! You do have relatives in NY? Hmmm! Where are you from again? xD You never know, seriously! Your hair, skin, and eye color is all exactly the same as mine. And your eyes and eyebrows seem very similar to mine. ...My eyebrows are loaded with makeup and photo shopping in this pic. But you’ve got that kin’a yellowish skin tone and the grey blue eyes and the dark blond hair! The kind that most people consider brown, but is actually just very dark blooond. ‘cause look at those highlights and the translucency of your hair color…you were a platinum blond child, weren’t you?

thedivineone • 6 Nov 2009 @ 22:04 GMT

wow…i was expecting more like a very bored hi xD so HIHI! oh and here’s a whole batch gives a big batch of fresh baked cookies enjoy

Monkaria • 7 Nov 2009 @ 15:40 GMT

Oops :3 Well, it looks nice anyway. It’s very original and unique! I like it! _

My sister is 19, and she loves Disney too! A lot of people say I’m sweet, or cute, so thank you :3 I guess it’s good!
Well, nevermind Youtube, you have Sims, which is better! Thank you though =] I love how you like 40’s fashion, I like it too! It’s interesting to see how they made clothes around the time of the World War’s, it’s so creative!

Rock on!

supaclova • 8 Nov 2009 @ 04:07 GMT

No I never got around to finishing the Uglies project. I decided to take a break from it…but I never picked it back up. I suppose I could soon though

BewitchedPrue • 11 Nov 2009 @ 21:47 GMT

Well I live in England now, my parents moved here before I was born, but my mother’s got relatives in Utica, NY , although some moved to Michigan.

Rosalie_Q • 13 Nov 2009 @ 07:56 GMT

SnowWhiteCharming…I always thought you were a guy! lol…until now! xD
You’re very pretty! =)

SnowWhiteCharming • 18 Nov 2009 @ 14:09 GMT

BewitchedPrue – Utica, really!? Wow! Crazy. I live a few hours from Utica. I should ask my ol’ man if we’ve got any relatives that’a way. Be weird, right?

Rosalie_Q – Why does everyone always think I’m a guy??? Am I that manly!? !!!

Rosalie_Q • 25 Nov 2009 @ 10:06 GMT

Hehe you asked if my hair was natural…well it was in an earlier pic, but then I dyed it =D
You are not manly lol…its just that when you were directing me on how to fix my lara croft sim, it just felt like a guys was writing to me lol… =)

nene1234 • 25 Dec 2009 @ 22:36 GMT

Hey! Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!! Hope 2010 is as good as 2009 was…

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