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I can’t pick just one, although I actually don’t watch much

notable events in 2009

I was dragged to the ER in late July with symptoms of a stroke. It turned out to have been a seizure caused by a benign brain tumor, but I’m still waiting for surgery to get rid of the silly thing!

I also moved across town, but I didn’t find out about that until 5 days before it happened. Needless to say a lot of things ended up being lost in the move.

favorite quote

Lately it has been Robbie’s song (Written by my son when he was 3. He was actually trying to get me to sing Amazing Grace)

When you’re lost and far from home
God is there with you
in the dark and all alone
God is there with you

God will take care of you
through every day along your way
He will take care of you
God is there with you

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Comments (15)

Ghost sdoj • 18 Oct 2009 @ 12:10 GMT

picture will be posted as soon as I find out where it got saved to.

VoiceIHear • 18 Oct 2009 @ 22:14 GMT


sorry to hear about the tumor

* waits for picture * ....

joninmobile • 19 Oct 2009 @ 06:00 GMT

Hi! thanks for commenting on my yearbook. Have a nice night


KyleTheArtist • 20 Oct 2009 @ 02:22 GMT

haha thank you, I like it myself

RiBlan • 20 Oct 2009 @ 22:29 GMT

GHOST! glomptacklehuggles

cassslas1996 • 21 Oct 2009 @ 21:46 GMT

HI!! (:

NintendoLover13 • 21 Oct 2009 @ 21:48 GMT

HI GHOST! huggles

VoiceIHear • 22 Oct 2009 @ 20:25 GMT

OOOOoooh Picture!! * dances *

Kiara24 • 22 Oct 2009 @ 23:09 GMT

Hi! *hugs

tree4me • 25 Oct 2009 @ 10:57 GMT

hugs Ghost Hey there.

G.O.C. • 5 Nov 2009 @ 21:08 GMT

Ah, 1969, I remember it well! I was working on a Farm waiting for 1970 to come so I could be in the RAF!!!

Vintage_Eve • 6 Nov 2009 @ 10:31 GMT

HEyyyy ghost!... i cant seem to see your picture..looks like a ghost.. lmao .. just kidding .. nyway thanx for always helpin me out in my topics at forum whenever i got simmies problems take care ! God bless!

Ghanima Atreides • 7 Nov 2009 @ 16:11 GMT

Hey Ghost (though I still think of you as “sidney”, lol), of course I remember you! You were one of the “old crowd” that’s pretty much gone nowadays. I remember your evil scientist and his lovestruck Servos, too! Nice to put a face to the name

Vampire_of_Death • 8 Dec 2009 @ 00:47 GMT


glomp attacks

DaniShani2 • 25 Dec 2009 @ 03:09 GMT

Hey, Ghost I remember youuu probly not me though lolz we talked a few times (that counts right? xD). Anyway good luck with the surgery you’ll be in my prayers!

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