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Arnhem, Netherlands

personal bio

I started playing Sims in January 2007 – and learnt here on MTS2 how to make my own content.

favourite tv show

Homes under the Hammer

notable events in 2009

Entered kids challenge
Got a new job
Got a feature
Became mod
Had teeth done at ENORMOUS expense.

favorite quote

“All this buttoning and unbuttoning” ~ an 18th century suicide note

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1217 times

Comments (32)

MissLoaf • 26 Sep 2009 @ 14:25 GMT

Aha! Swiping yer first comment, m’dear


QBUILDERZ • 26 Sep 2009 @ 14:33 GMT

D’oh! Loaf beat me. Heya lee! gasp No picture?

GoldenSimmer • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:05 GMT

Lee. Pic. Nao.

-Maylin- • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:13 GMT

Hi Lee!

leesester • 26 Sep 2009 @ 19:03 GMT

ok, ok. Here I am hiding behind my cat Willem.

cthru • 26 Sep 2009 @ 19:21 GMT

I knew it!
I knew you’d get a pic!
butbut…a fish with a cat? the irony

Deluxe Designs • 26 Sep 2009 @ 21:32 GMT

woo a pic at last! finally a face to the name, and might i add, you are NOT old!!!!

daluved1 • 26 Sep 2009 @ 22:37 GMT

I was so expecting to see a fish Lee xD

Rosalie_Q • 26 Sep 2009 @ 22:45 GMT

Your cat is adorable! =D
I have one too .. she’s white and thinks shes the queen of the house lol!

astillac • 26 Sep 2009 @ 23:24 GMT

[3[3[3 [3[3[3

tree4me • 26 Sep 2009 @ 23:26 GMT

Finally able to put a face to the name! Hiya Lee.

joninmobile • 27 Sep 2009 @ 03:27 GMT

Your cat is so pretty!

angel f • 27 Sep 2009 @ 10:11 GMT

Lovely cat Lee!

Lethe_s • 27 Sep 2009 @ 10:43 GMT

ooh, I finally get to see Leefish
and she appears to be holding a miniature lion. Oddness.

DeclanCroft • 27 Sep 2009 @ 10:58 GMT

hey lee ! awesome kitty

Sparklycookie • 27 Sep 2009 @ 11:36 GMT


Gangreless • 27 Sep 2009 @ 16:15 GMT

Jesus christ get in the car, it’s a lion!

Twi • 27 Sep 2009 @ 18:27 GMT

Pretty kitty!

renske85 • 28 Sep 2009 @ 11:56 GMT

hi thar, Ethel! Your teeth look lovely!

escand • 29 Sep 2009 @ 01:28 GMT

Lee in a picture? blasphemy!

Hehe and your hiding behind your mountain lion cat.

But I mean wow Lee, you’ve really accomplished a lot. you can pretty much say Veni, vidi, vici.
I mean you have your pretty little trophy of featureness, your now a MOD gasp and you uploaded a half-picture.

And I too had the pleasure of going to the dentist and getting the pleasures of multiple shots and drilling.

Anyways Lee, it’s been so great getting to know you. (sounds corny but true) you’re a real pal and inspire and motivate others. Plus you always have great ideas and such.
—I know this is kinda long, but I just wanted to say write it. And now I can’t even go back and edit my post. D:

Audrey • 29 Sep 2009 @ 08:04 GMT

Hey Leecester, nice to put a cat to a face. Lol

v-ware • 29 Sep 2009 @ 17:09 GMT

Became moderator at MOTS. Everyones dream!
Think I said that allready today… Hmm.

DeclanCroft • 29 Sep 2009 @ 18:18 GMT

i always imagined you would have shorter hair, no idea why?

jhd1189 • 29 Sep 2009 @ 20:01 GMT

Nooooo… although maybe to appease you and HP I’ll put the picture up for an hour or two on the next bank holiday.

Incidentally, when’s the next bank holiday?

Fresh-Prince • 29 Sep 2009 @ 20:01 GMT

Well look who it is! Lee!

Thankies for the comment! You always make me blush

SimsShine • 30 Sep 2009 @ 10:48 GMT

Het is Lee!
En je bent… Geen man! xD
Nooit geweten dat je NL’s was trouwens. :O
Je kat is echt schattig!

Corrie • 1 Oct 2009 @ 12:57 GMT

Hai, how goes you?

haha, I have to ask, IS that a mountain lion? It’s HUGE!!! lol, then again, my cat is the runt of the litter, so she is quite small compared to other cats.
Nice picture btw. See ya on #create.

leesester • 2 Oct 2009 @ 21:20 GMT

Bah, cat mockers. My cat is a normal housecat. He does weigh 6 kilos though. Thank god we had him “done” when he was young – heaven only knows how big he MIGHT have been.

LEE waves stick and mumbles something about lawns

Gillianivy • 5 Oct 2009 @ 20:05 GMT

Thanks for commenting and checking out my gallery. Muchly appreciated. I love fat cats. Our kitty is a fat guy too. He was so skinny when we first got him. Now he’s so lazy!

Guardgian • 6 Oct 2009 @ 08:40 GMT

Hi there ! So here is the pic of my favorite “windows maker” – and others of course !

Nice to meet you ! Your pic is beautiful…

Hugs for you.

ariasm • 18 Oct 2009 @ 23:43 GMT

Hi Lee, It’s nice to see you here

SnowWhiteCharming • 2 Nov 2009 @ 23:13 GMT

Awwww!!! Kitty!!!!!!

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