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emino (MTS profile)


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real name

Riez Forester (the name I used when online)




Malaysia - I bet you dont know where it is!

personal bio

Emino is a 23 years old bank officer, living the good life in the city.

He’s the second of four sons in his family, and is the son of a bank officer and a high school teacher. He also have a baby sister who is 16 years younger than him.

Emino enjoyed doing artsy and techie stuffs. He is also an animal lover, which is proven with him being the caretaker of 5 other lives (2 sugar gliders, 2 guinea pigs and a hamster).

He usually spends his day off by watching tv. He also often be spotted hanging out at a local petshop, with his eee-pc, nintendo ds and pet sugar gliders with other glider owners.

Oh yeah, this boy also thinks he’s funny

favourite tv show


notable events in 2009

  • Found someone that’s good for him
  • Lost his gerbils (actual gerbils you silly pervs) to the reaper
  • Bought Omnia HD, which is awesome!
  • Transferred back to the IT Department in his company, which is a good thing since he hates the PR boss.

favorite quote

None specified.

profile viewed

891 times

Comments (28)

HystericalParoxysm • 25 Sep 2009 @ 22:44 GMT

What, only one picture? I’m surprised you haven’t changed it like 50 times already. You camwhore.

QBUILDERZ • 26 Sep 2009 @ 00:31 GMT

pulls out a map Malaysia happens to be right here points I would know…I have fish from there XD

QBUILDERZ • 26 Sep 2009 @ 00:38 GMT

Awh, after the compliment I felt bad for not complimenting you. You are freaking ripped, dude!

Fresh-Prince • 26 Sep 2009 @ 01:36 GMT

Hey there emi! Great pic!

Merisua • 26 Sep 2009 @ 02:32 GMT

wow. -appreciate-admire

viromancy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 06:45 GMT

You’re wearing a shirt. You’re actually wearing a f**king shirt For once! There is a picture of you, in a public place, where you’re actually not half-naked!

I feel vaguely cheated now.

The_French_Sim • 26 Sep 2009 @ 09:21 GMT

Before anyone else says it:

Lethe_s • 26 Sep 2009 @ 11:11 GMT

damnit, someone already made the shirt comment. But see? You don’t need to take your kit off for people to compliment you!
you look nice enough as it is;

brownies910 • 26 Sep 2009 @ 13:41 GMT

OMG! you’re from Malaysia! I’m from Malaysia too! But for now, I live in the U.S.(my dad works for Intel, so he got transfered to Arizona… I miss roti chanai!!!

Deluxe Designs • 26 Sep 2009 @ 18:38 GMT

i bet you were sat there like “tense tense tense” while the picture was being taken love it, lol

Safyre420 • 27 Sep 2009 @ 01:29 GMT

Emi likes to speak in third person huh? Saffy does too sometimes lol

cthru • 27 Sep 2009 @ 13:14 GMT

hullo emino, hullo

Petchy • 27 Sep 2009 @ 16:23 GMT

Hellop Emino!

I thought you had Glasses :\ xD

escand • 27 Sep 2009 @ 21:28 GMT

so this is the guy I used to get in arguments in social.

Actually I don’t remember that at all. I do remember your sugar gliders and (RIP) gerbils.

CormorantEnt • 28 Sep 2009 @ 04:10 GMT

No, I’m not. Whatever gave you that impression? Granted, there is a girl out there that does look a little like me, but she’s nobody you’ve met.

renske85 • 28 Sep 2009 @ 12:15 GMT

y hello thar. what’s with the ‘barely… holding… this damn book DOWN’ death grip pose? Are you reading about the lesbian dominatrices again?

Petchy • 28 Sep 2009 @ 16:14 GMT

HaHa! Thats odd, Normally people have glasses /for/ reading.. Shruggles

Kept yourself well, I expect?

Petchy • 29 Sep 2009 @ 15:31 GMT

Short-sighted, I think you mean But yea, I understand – Just saying its the opposite to what normally happens, thats all

v-ware • 29 Sep 2009 @ 17:07 GMT

You talk about yourself in third person? Really?
But apart from that cutesie and funny. (And muscular!) :p

jhd1189 • 29 Sep 2009 @ 20:03 GMT

Hahaha you wish, Emi…

v-ware • 30 Sep 2009 @ 19:08 GMT

Nono! Emino Likey!

darkwytche2006 • 2 Oct 2009 @ 15:31 GMT

Hi Emino,

What the heck is a sugar glider?


darkwytche2006 • 2 Oct 2009 @ 18:39 GMT

Sorry babes I’ll stalk you more!!!! My pleasure!

beautifullyflawless • 5 Oct 2009 @ 00:26 GMT

what book you reading?

beautifullyflawless • 5 Oct 2009 @ 23:47 GMT

Oh that’s cool.
I never read it.
Been planning but so many other books
been occupying my time.

vcsqlp • 30 Oct 2009 @ 03:11 GMT

My mum is from Malaysia, love it there.

Dreamydre • 17 Nov 2009 @ 06:13 GMT

Sup emino (:

rubs muscles

DaniShani2 • 25 Dec 2009 @ 03:15 GMT

Hai hai emi!

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