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Delphy (MTS profile)


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In a dolphin spaceship

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Son of a beachball!

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Comments (54)

emino • 25 Sep 2009 @ 09:43 GMT

first! yay!

I should probably say something here…

Hate to interrupt your yearbook D, but Beyonce has the best yearbook OF ALL TIME!

HystericalParoxysm • 25 Sep 2009 @ 22:43 GMT

Psh, sperm on a stick ] son of a beachball.

HystericalParoxysm • 25 Sep 2009 @ 22:43 GMT

... that was supposed to be a greater than sign. CURSES!

squall117 • 25 Sep 2009 @ 23:34 GMT

Wow you looked way younger when I first saw a pic of you xD
I can’t believe how long it’s been since I started using MTS2, congratulations. Really, it couldn’t have been easy and yet, you’ve always been there with your site

emino • 26 Sep 2009 @ 00:22 GMT

Whoah, D totally looked liek a dad now.

CatOfEvilGenius • 26 Sep 2009 @ 03:12 GMT

You really are a redhead. My goodness, there really is some truth on the internet! Thanks for literally years of fun. Hope the donation drive goes swimmingly so you never run out of purple lace to power nene and linna.

Petchy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 06:20 GMT

Hai D!

viromancy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 06:42 GMT

Wotcha, babydaddy! Hope she’s keeping you in cheesecake…

schitzwa • 26 Sep 2009 @ 06:49 GMT

Hi Delphy! Insert witty banter here XD

kopple36 • 26 Sep 2009 @ 07:39 GMT

Greetings Delphy!

Tries to think of interesting or witty welcoming greeting


Thanks for the Yearbook!

jubjubesmcsmushy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 07:53 GMT

Woo!You got some from HP! high fives self, then bursts into tears

missroxor • 26 Sep 2009 @ 11:12 GMT

Was just browsing your web site and was a little confused at your reference to the Euro. I was astonished to then notice a reference to Dublin. All this time I thought the biggest (I think) and best Sims site was created and run by Americans (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just nice to see some ‘homegrown’ talent)! lol.

MTS2 was the first Sims related site I discovered when I first ventured online. It opened a whole new world to me. I’ve found more since but this is still my favourite. Thank-you very much

daluved1 • 26 Sep 2009 @ 11:33 GMT

Oooh it’s Delphy Kinda looks like my old computer science teacher…

(insert cute and fluffy saying)


jubjubesmcsmushy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 13:28 GMT

Whuut, your irish? Thats so schmexy! Im Irish!

Furthermore, I now know after an Irish class where you got “delphy” and “dolphins” from and how they’re related….

HystericalParoxysm • 26 Sep 2009 @ 14:04 GMT

Caution: Admins in pictures are more cheerful than they appear.

Srsly, dude, you look like you’re about to gnaw someone’s nose off.

Delphy • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:06 GMT

I’m not Irish, I’m English. I started using Delphy way before I moved to Ireland.

joninmobile • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:18 GMT

Thanks for the awesome sites mts, this yearbook site, and the wiki.

-Maylin- • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:18 GMT

Hi Delphy! What a great idea you had to create this community one day!

Arisuka • 26 Sep 2009 @ 15:45 GMT

Oh, you are Irish, that’s cool! And thanks for all your hard work!

HystericalParoxysm • 26 Sep 2009 @ 16:02 GMT

lol he’s not Irish.

aaTmaHira • 26 Sep 2009 @ 18:58 GMT

When I delved into the world of Sims2, MTS2 was the only site which made me think, ‘Hey, if I buy this game, I can download the cool things here at this site, and maybe even learn howto create some myself!’ And now, I’m an aspiring animator and hardcore Sims2 & 3 lover, thanks to you!

Arisuka • 26 Sep 2009 @ 20:03 GMT

Haha, missed that one well, OH, YOU ARE ENGLISH, THAT’S COOL!

missroxor • 26 Sep 2009 @ 20:20 GMT

Ha ha, oops, I appear to have convinced everyone you’re Irish, sorry Oh well, could be worse, they could think you’re Welsh (jk)

missroxor • 26 Sep 2009 @ 20:22 GMT

...we do need more celts on here though, mebez I’ll start a recruitment drive back home to bump up the donation drive aswell :p

beautifullyflawless • 26 Sep 2009 @ 21:16 GMT

love your work
and the cas adjuster for ts3
makes it better to create
prettier sims

Arisuka • 26 Sep 2009 @ 21:20 GMT

Yeah, damn you for misleading me!! (actually I just kinda browsed the comments quickly through and the ‘Irish’ popped to my eyes rather well)

Elephant • 26 Sep 2009 @ 22:32 GMT

“Caution: Admins in pictures are more cheerful than they appear.”

hahahahaha! Love it HP!

sweetswami77 • 27 Sep 2009 @ 03:34 GMT

It’s “son of a Seabiscuit” in our house. Keep it clean, wouldya?

Vera Marina • 27 Sep 2009 @ 05:26 GMT

HI, “Spatula of Purity”…

You just behave…my daughter is wacthing you from your left pic side…

SimsShine • 27 Sep 2009 @ 11:10 GMT

The brain behind MTS….


aldehydebends • 27 Sep 2009 @ 11:45 GMT

delphy, you always look like one of those cools guys in a coffee shop building something to end world hunger on his computer.

keep safe this year!

ellacharm3d • 27 Sep 2009 @ 16:03 GMT

Looking mighty serious there, Delphy!

Thanks from me too, for creating and maintaining the site. And all from a spaceship, no less!

FatedDarkness • 27 Sep 2009 @ 16:54 GMT

Do not kill me, but for some reason I was under the impression that you were female.


IloveGarbage • 27 Sep 2009 @ 17:27 GMT

“delphy, you always look like one of those cools guys in a coffee shop building something to end world hunger on his computer.”

Exactly! and to end world hunger for the Sims CC. Hi!

discodiva • 27 Sep 2009 @ 21:39 GMT

Glad to put a face with a name! And as a fellow red-head I must say, I love the hair!

Thanks for all that you do @ MTS, you are very appreciated!

Nyn • 28 Sep 2009 @ 08:19 GMT

It’s lovely to put a face to a name! I’m sure you smile more than that though Thanks for such a great site

renske85 • 28 Sep 2009 @ 11:55 GMT


Dec127400 • 28 Sep 2009 @ 23:52 GMT

Love the Site and the Programs that you have come up with

Audrey • 29 Sep 2009 @ 07:23 GMT

Hey Delphy, damn, why aren’t you Irish? We’re great people, not saying, the English aren’t great people too. You are nothing like I thought you would look like.

Great, great site! A testament to yourself and your mods.

v-ware • 29 Sep 2009 @ 16:33 GMT

Our god! And you’re in Belgium. What are you visitinG?

Jessica_2020 • 29 Sep 2009 @ 21:40 GMT

Hey Delphy! Thanks for all the hard work and for the new boobs! hehe My sims actually look like real women now!

fluttereyes • 30 Sep 2009 @ 20:00 GMT

You look Irish, if you know what I mean. (bet you say you don’t)

Monkaria • 1 Oct 2009 @ 18:02 GMT

Knowledge is awesome =] With knowledge comes power! Thanks for everything! Rock on! \m/

Delphy • 1 Oct 2009 @ 18:51 GMT

fluttereyes: I know I look Irish. I actually look more Irish than some of the Irish around when I lived in Ireland.

ali-poon • 3 Oct 2009 @ 08:30 GMT

I thought you were a chick blushes You have to admit that being Irish would of been a little more exotic than just being plain old english Just think of the lovely accent you’d of had… “Hi diddle-de-dee-Potatoes” (LOL)

ali-poon • 3 Oct 2009 @ 08:34 GMT

Youre pretty hot for someone who’s not Irish. LOL, but seriously, I think you rock for founding such an awesome site and giving so much to the simmers community.

Karrottu • 4 Oct 2009 @ 11:33 GMT

wow, so this is Delphy.
Its great to finally put a face to the name XD

damnedcitizen • 5 Oct 2009 @ 19:21 GMT

wooow it’s you! Dude, you’re great. If it wasn’t for MTS, I would still play the ugly boring TS2. You changed And damn you, it’s because of you that I spend endless hours checking stuff on MTS!!! It takes me more time than playing the game itself! Grrr…THANK YOU! and hell, nice to meet you!

cameronsnan • 9 Oct 2009 @ 17:00 GMT

Nice to put a face to the name. Love this place )

GreenStraws • 20 Oct 2009 @ 05:12 GMT

o.O Your picture reminds me of my dad.
Which is either really cool or REALLY FREAKING CREEPY.

I haven’t decided.

FREEDOM_55 • 28 Oct 2009 @ 22:57 GMT

O_o how comes it took me so long to visit your profile?

you probably hear this all the time but its time to hear it again :YOU are A M A Z I N G!

thank-you for everything you done and every stupendous thing you will do in the future.

Very few people have the super powers you have!

kamikitten • 5 Nov 2009 @ 21:18 GMT

Why hello thar!
You so remind me of Adam Savage! Of course in the good way because I like that guy
Thank you for being awesome and for MTS. You rock, you rule!

SimsShine • 25 Dec 2009 @ 12:54 GMT

Merry Christmas Delph!

Ameijan • 28 Dec 2009 @ 18:29 GMT

Hey man thanks for your hard work on the websites and You are the Man!

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